a stage of opportunity and strength.

angry sod calm

The Grandma bubble of happiness lasted until period 3 of school today, when one of my year 11 boys decided he would try to use his size and loud mouth to try to control the class and bully me. He got sent to the responsible thinking room to think about his behaviour. He has to write his own behaviour plan before he is allowed to negotiate his return to my classroom. Little pisher.


It’s raining again and the locals are nervous. I don’t blame them as many of them are still cleaning up from the Australia Day flood in January. If it rains throughout the night I doubt whether I will make it to work tomorrow. We stocked up on milk, bread and dog treats on the weekend, so should be right for a few days. Hopefully it won’t flood at all.

I was reflecting on the past year and this is what I reallised we have experienced over the previous 12 months :

My mother became ill and needed to go into care

My siblings and I had to clear our parents home of 57 years and sell it.

I started a new job.

We sold our house in the city and moved to the country.

A daughter moved to the opposite side of the country.

Our first grandchild was born.

We got a dog.

We experienced another flood (luckily not as a vicitm).

Now, talk to me about ageing and change…

bag on head

Aging  is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.
Betty  Friedan

10 thoughts on “a stage of opportunity and strength.

  1. Lol – responsible thinking room, I’m glad you didn’t call it a reflection room – I hate that term.We didn’t have a RTR when I was at school but once in woodwork I was sent to the laquer room to write a few words about the word bugger after I said it once in class to the teacher and he took offence.


  2. What a monster! Fortunately he didn’t realise that most kids, and adults for that matter, are passive cowards when authority is challenged – there’s a sort of “wait and see if it’s safe attitude” IMO
    Wow, busy year. Settling now though.


  3. There must have been something about 2012 that brought on wave after wave of crises, some small, some great. You seem to ride them out with such cool determination, however, I haven’t thought of them as crises until you listed them in this post. Here’s hoping it gets quieter, like long, drowsy Sunday afternoon quiet.


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