Augie meets the locals

Dog augie typeAugie Dog was in another part of the house when he started to bark. Augie is a very quiet, if boisterous puppy and rarely barks, so when he does we seek a reason. I walked into the living room and he ran to my side and barked. I started to wonder if we had a snake or a lizard in the house but could see nothing.

Wondering if his alarm was being caused by something outside as he seemed to be looking towards the lving and dining floor to ceiling windows I walked to the patio but still couln’t see anything.

As it is flooding and aware of how animals alert people to natural disasters, I started to wonder if an inland tsunami was about to hit us. I returned to the dining room and it was then that I saw what had Augie Dog so agitated.

DUCKS. Ducks on our lawn. It is so soggy I can only guess that even the ducks are looking for somewhere drier! They were just below the crest of our hill slope and so I wasn’t able to see them until I was in the right position. Augie Dog knew though.


This is not Augie and not the duck. Our dog and ducks are better looking.

This is not Augie and not the duck. Our dog and ducks are better looking.


My first thoughts were, how cute that Augie was excited by the arrival of ducks. It was only later that I realised that Augie was actually up to no good and following his natural instincts as a retriever dog. He wanted to retrieve the ducks!

10 thoughts on “Augie meets the locals

  1. I had a cat who made a poor decision and jumped over a fence into a yard full of dogs.
    One of them grabbed her by the throat and played keep away until their owner managed to catch him and get the cat away – a good few minutes, because doggie played keep away with his person too.
    Poor cat was limp and unconscious and taken at once to the emergency vet.
    (And brave, brave Sair aged about five, and this was her kitty, ran off for a towel, and grabbed my wallet and keys on the run out the door.)
    It ended up that kitty was fine, except for some very minor bruising.
    Seems the keep-away dog was a Golden and was carrying my little cat consciously.
    He didn’t even break the skin.


  2. Now that he’s trained you to come running, he’ll be barking at all the “locals.” (But I don’t blame you … I’d go look too, just in case some crazed maniac was inside the house. Well … some crazed maniac that didn’t already live there, I mean.)


  3. Augie is so sweet! It’s always good to let mom know what strangers are on the property.

    We have regular “opussum alerts” and “squirrel alerts”. A squirrel alert is in progress as I type!


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