the ultimate betrayal

Dog sad 1

Augie Dog went to the vet today to be desexed. Son called it the ultimate betrayal last night and I laughed, telling Augie that Son was feeling his pain.

Son and Mr FD collected a very sad looking Augie late this afternoon. He was no sooner in the house than he started to pass blood. No faeces just blood.

I phoned the vet and they naturally told us to return to the clinic.

Augie is staying in overnight for observation and treatment. As yet we don’t know what the problem is. Possibly the operation, possibly an injury by the male vet who rammed a thermometer so hard into his anus that Augie jumped in pain. Or just a strange coincidence and an independent issue, perhaps something he consumed that we don’t know about.

Needless to say that it is a very sad and worried Flamingo Dancer nest tonight. That little guy, well not so little guy as he weighs 31 kgs now, he has earned his place in the family and we are all hurting as he hurts. He had tears running from his eyes…

It really has been the ultimate betrayal…

11 thoughts on “the ultimate betrayal

  1. Oh noes, poor Augie boy, poor Flamingoes. I hope he’s well again and gets the all clear tomorrow morning.
    Castrating males is such a minor non-scary operation. It hardly even bleeds during the actual snipping normally, and vets do it every day, so they usually have the routine down.


  2. It’s probably something simple – a UTI that surfaced coincidentally? We give IV Fluids during all anesthetic procedures, keeps blood pressure steady and helps to flush proper organs. I don’t recall ever hearing of bleeding after a Neutering, I’d be interested to know the outcome.
    The fact that they had you bring him right back is encouraging, it means they care. As for the thermometer, he’s a big guy and the thermometer is very small, we have a lot of dogs scream when we take their temps, I think it’s the fear factor. Can’t say as I blame them, wouldn’t want someone doing that to me! I’d be screaming too.
    Keep us posted and Lots of Hugs to Augie.


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