It’s a dog’s life

cone of shame

Augie Dog arrived home late morning wearing a neck cone. He looked much brighter than yesterday afternoon, and had no further bleeding during the night. Blood tests showed nothing sinister and so the vet’s best guess was perhaps colitis and stress. He is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory tablets.

The cone is to stay on for ten days and we have already discovered what a nuisance it is for Augie; and for us! Naturally, he is learning how to negotiate the house wearing it, but the worst is trying to feed him. The collar just seems to hinder his reaching the food, so tonight I found myself sitting on the patio hand feedins Augie his prescriber meal of rice and chicken (home cooked). It is small penance for what we have made him suffer!

Augie normally creeps under our bed to sleep at night, and we have marvelled for some time how he still manages to fit, but with the cone collar I think he might have to settle for sleeping beside our bed! Right now he is sleeping on the floor next to Mr FD watching the football! He may have lost his manly bits, but he is still showing he can mix it with the boys!

[Any suggestions for dealing with life with a cone head dog, please feel free to comment!]

11 thoughts on “It’s a dog’s life

  1. I know the cone is terrible on cats as well. Makes them dizzy – they can’t walk a straight line and keep bumping into walls. For feeding time, consider removing the collar just long enough for him to scarf his food down. You’ll have to watch him like a hawk with free hands, because if he makes to scratch his stitches, you’ll have to physically stop him. But that shouldn’t take long.


  2. Is the cone too long for his snout? Could they give you a smaller one? Or could you maybe put his food dish on top of something so he could get his face closer to the bowl before the cone touches the floor?


  3. Watch out for your calves and shins!! Thats where dogs in the clinic always run into me! Aside from that… its always a fun game throwing treats into the the cone, or toys! LoL Normally they figure out how to eat with it, they just put the whole cone over the bowl and to the floor and they can easily reach the food


  4. Aww … best wishes for your Augie. When my cats have been enconed, I ended up taking it off at feeding times. Hand feeding sounds likes like a good solution, too.


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