The reason for my demise

I am so tired my head may just fall off my neck and wobble into the waste paper bin and risk lying amongst the banana peel from my morning tea banana, just to get some rest.

I open the library each morning anywhere from 7.15 to 7.30am, depending on the traffic. We do not close again until 3.30pm on a “normal day” but there are always after school activities. This week there has been one workshop until 6.30pm, and then another afternoon both a teacher workshop and also a parent information evening which meant I walked out of the school at 7.30. That was a 12 hour day, full strength.  Throw in my ‘flu vaccination, and supervising a number of year levels waiting to have their various vaccinations (The boys got Gardasil. Yeah! As a cervical cancer survivor I champion cervical cancer vaccination for all!), then you have the life of me.

Oh, and the meeting of the staff book club of which I am the worst member – I got the “lemon award” for the worst book choice last year (The Great Gatsby, and don’t get me started) and I am on track to be awarded the prize for reading the least number of chosen books, as well as having lost one selection on a plane… yes I am a librarian, but that just goes to prove the librarians do in fact have a life and can be unpredictable, doesn’t it. Doesn’t it? No stereotypes with this lady.

So tired and this is just the first week of term – nine more to go!

3 thoughts on “The reason for my demise

  1. Interesting the boys getting the jab (with your comment about cervical cancer) but I followed the link and found Gardasil is also good at deterring anal and penile cancers and genital warts too. Partly developed at Queensland Uni, don’t you know?
    Hope you can rest up and start wielding that big stick again. Xx


  2. Last week I was eavesdropping in the checkout line at the market on a woman talking on her phone. She apparently was a high school teacher who had just got off of work and was ranting about her awful day. She was also upset over news that she would be forced to spend her Friday night acting as chaperon at a school dance, after having spent a good portion of her week meeting with parents until 7 p.m. I don’t think people, especially politicians and pundits, realize how much unpaid overtime teachers put into their work. If CPAs, say, or auto mechanics were told they would have to stay late in order to accommodate a customer who couldn’t come in until 6:30 in the evening, “and by the way, you’re not getting any extra pay for that,” they would riot.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Put your feet up this weekend and have something delectable to drink.


  3. well… The Great Gatsby movie remake looks like it will be visually stunning. Good? Dunno. But visually awesome! (that’s my Hollywood, “you know there’s a movie of that… you didn’t have to read it [but I don’t actually think like that] comment)

    hope you get some rest!


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