Out the mouth of a baby

My grand daughter is eight weeks old and she can say the word hello. No it is no illusion due to lack of sleep or whiskey in our tea. Petit Fille says a very recognise able “hello” in reply to other people saying hello.

The word is not as clear as an older child, more like the sound a hearing impaired child would utter , but it is clearly, hello and said as a response to a greeting. Her Daddy first taught her to poke her tongue when he poked his tongue, one of the first responses a baby will make, and then just by saying “hello” in repetition on a few occasions she mimicked him. No, we do not have any illusion that she understands what she is saying, but she is creating a response that must take incredible brain and body interaction.

When Daughter1 emailed me Petit Fille could say hello, I was ,as one would expect, ” that’s nice dear.” We all think our children are brighter, superior to others after all ( ours were due to me being their mother, of course). However, I have witnessed it myself on more than one occasion. D1 has also reported her lying her in crib saying hello over and over.

Someone may be able to say this is a natural sound that 8 week old babies make, but the fact that she can make the effort at this age to make the sound in reply has stunned us.

It has made me wonder about just how much our brains are capable of doing and how we are perhaps doing our children a disservice by not stimulating their brains more. A language rich environment is the best gift to a baby- speak, sing and read to them, please!

 I wonder if she can learn to say “I love grandma best!”?

9 thoughts on “Out the mouth of a baby

  1. Your granddaughter does have an extraordinary grandmother, so I don’t find that surprising at all. 🙂 It’s also said by some studies in child development that babies are capable of learning language at an early age., which is why it’s important for parents to talk to their babies.

    Then there’s my son, who didn’t say a word until he was 18 months old. The pediatrician thought it was because he had two big sisters who did all the talking for him. “Chris wants a cookie!” “Chris dropped his bottle!” He’s still the quiet type, but when he does speak up he’s quite pithy. I wish American politicians were of the same cloth. .


  2. Wow! That’s awesome. I never heard of a baby trying to speak that young. But watch out, I’m sure in a few years she’ll want to talk your ear off. 😉 But I’m sure you’ll enjoy that.


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