a dose of the what tha?

bomb shelter

bomb shelter – yes sex sells even mutual self destruction!

curious bottle buggycurious chesscurious drive in supermarket

hot dog for lunch?

hot dog for lunch?

curious loveclothing mini skirts jun 3 1967curious Photo by Jaromir Funke, 1924.

waiter, there's a cat in my soup?

waiter, there’s a cat in my soup?

8 thoughts on “a dose of the what tha?

  1. these made me chuckle.
    don’t think we’re far from the shopping one.
    Click and Collect in the UK now includes grocery which you can pick up from a fridge van outside the store.


  2. Hello.. Shades of the ‘fifties’ and the ‘cold war’.. I started my first ‘bomb shelter’ in ’52 as a cub scout project.. the project lost inertia when our sail boat was put into ‘dry dock’ in the back yard.. HO HO.. great pics.. thanks.. Peace Tony


  3. I suddenly feel sorry for the little dog being held by that smirking woman with the hot sauce bottle. I was reading an article about dog still being a sought-after dish in Korea, and it made me feel utterly depressed. Though I still could kill my brother’s dog after she knocked over a vase of flowers I’d just set out in the living room. You know, just to make the place look civilized.


    • You’re much nicer and less demented than me. I thought, “she should shave it first”.

      In all seriousness, though, I understand the social more against eating pets, starvation notwithstanding. Now, shaving them so they look ridiculous to punk negligent owners… well, that’s different, right?


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