look ma, no hands

baby 5

Granddaughter. Petit Fille, now 15 weeks old, learnt the mechanics of rolling over this week. She would rather be sitting up, as she is trying so hard to sit, lifting her head and shoulders up off the rug anytime she is laid on her back, but she has to be happy with rolling for now. Her Mummy, Daughter1 shared a short clip of her rolling with the family, so we assumed she was off and rolling.

At her Daddy’s birthday party, Petit Fille partied hardy for awhile, but then showed all the signs that like her Grandma (me!) she found being nice exhausting, so Grandpa Mr FD and I went back to her home with her, so that she could distress and have some quiet time.

I placed her on the rug and she started rolling, and rolling, and rolling. Grandpa even managed to make it down to her level on the rug and set her back to lying on her back, and flip, she would roll over again. She performed very happily for us until the physical effort became too much and I put her down for a nap.

Her parents returned and we told them how Petit Fille had entertained us with her rolling skills. Mr Boy was shattered as he hadn’t actually witnessed a full roll as yet, for it seems that her rolls are few and far between. Even her mother has only witnessed a couple!

Grandparents 1; Parents 0.

4 thoughts on “look ma, no hands

  1. Of course Petite Fille would show her grandmother her best work. She knows what’s expected of her.

    My oldest one chose to first roll over when she was on the changing table, and I’d turned away for just a second to grab something. Fortunately, the floor was carpeted, but I was in hysterics, utterly convinced that my baby would be brain-damaged for life. As if to comfort me, she gave me a little smile and cooed. She’s been propping me up ever since.


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