exciting the sensitive nose to tears

bed 4

Still trying to shed my lungs. At this stage I am not sure if my throat continues to feel raw due to the infection, or from the coughing and I don’t think it really helps me to have discovered that letting chocolate melt slowly in my mouth and drizzle down my throat actually helps ease the pain. I am almost through my second block of chocolate!

Mr FD is awaiting knee surgery, so he hasn’t been as helpful as I might have wanted. I was touched yesterday when I noticed tears well in his eyes as he brought me a cup of tea, until I rolled over and got a whiff of my own fevered armpit and realised that I hadn’t showered for a day or two. Needless to say, a shower and change of pjs were the next order of the day and I have not witnessed any more tears of sympathy in Mr FD’s eyes.

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

5 thoughts on “exciting the sensitive nose to tears

  1. Sounds like a very determined bug. I hope it leaves without taking too much of your lung tissue with it. I know the coughing thing. There’s something going around here and it’s still got me under the weather after 3 weeks. Drag yourself to the shower if you must, but realize the steam is good for congestion!


  2. I dread my next serious illness. I tend to drink tons of soda because the bubbles feel good. But now my tummy doesn’t allow me to consume a lot of bubbles. Maybe I’ll try your chocolate idea!

    feel better soon!


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