reader’s lament

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I have a pile of books on my bedside table taunting me.

Like an addict I glance at them, longing to read them but the mere thought of the physical effort of picking them up and focusing my eyes to read the print just seems too much, as yet. Coughing and breathing is about all I am doing at the moment.
Once I get to read through my pile I will have accomplished some armchair travelling.

The book on top of the pile is The Happiest Refuge, a memoir by Anh Do. It is this month’s book club choice. Anh Do is often seen on Australian television as he is a comedienne and does quite a bit of community work. The memoir is actually on our reading list for senior students, and I expect many of the group may have read it already, but I haven’t. The few chapters I have read so far have been very enjoyable.

The other books are:
Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss which is a memoir of Moss’s move to Iceland;
House on an Irish Hillside, Felicity Hayes-McCoy’s memoir about life on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland’s southwest Kerry County.
Our House in the Clouds: Building a Second Life in the Andes of Ecuador by Judy Blankenship

I have always been interested in biography and memoir, especially by and about women. To me it is infinitely interesting to read of the lived experience of women, past and present. Additionally , as Mr FD and I embark on our “second life” in the country, I find strength and comfort in reading the highs and lows; positives and negatives, and the pure joy that others have experienced as they travelled their own life changes.

Sadly, for now the books are acting only as a plinth for my box of tissues. Surely, tomorrow will be a better today…


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2 thoughts on “reader’s lament

  1. Interesting reading choices. I have a book of letters from pioneer women in the USA. It was an interesting insight on the challenges, joys and fears of these women, wow was that lifestyle hard. Hoping you feel better soon!


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