this is what they fought against…

wife's guide

and don’t even get me started on this one…

wife beating

Not funny when you realise that this really represents the lack of choices for women, and many in the world still don’t have the freedom of self-direction and free choice.


10 thoughts on “this is what they fought against…

  1. This is why I get irritated with these 20-somethings who say “I’m not a feminist,” but who enjoy all the rights feminists and their predecessors, the suffragettes, have fought for: birth control, equal pay, access to higher education and to jobs in all professions, even the ability to wear pants in public. (I still meet young women who are surprised to find out women were once arrested for wearing trousers or “men’s clothing” in public.) That said, we still have a lot to work on. There are still many police and military investigators who don’t believe it when a woman says she’s been beaten or raped, or who try to pass it off as “boys will be boys” behavior.


  2. I agree with Hangaku. Knowledge and hindsight are powerful things. IT’s easy to be disparaging about this sort of nonsense but at the time it wouldn’t have been seen as a bad thing. Women’s rights have come a long way since this was written and we can thankfully look on this as amusing. But it would be foolish to berate it – it’s historical fact. Maybe our grandchildren will look at the differences that exist today with similar amusement – differences in pay scales, employment opportunities, media ideals, insistence on women wearing skirts and make up in some jobs, the list is still long.


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  4. ‘Manly art’, my a**.

    I remember the suffragettes, and make it a point never to miss a chance to vote; yet when I think of the women ‘living’ in the Middle East I realize that when I ride on the bus, or my bike, or as I live in my own apartment it must seem that I am living a life of most shocking freedom.

    Which reminds me anyway of grammar school, when we were allowed to wear pants on Fridays, and when there was a meeting in the auditorium where one of the topics was whether we girls would be allowed to wear our skirts 3 inches above the knee. (but this was not my idea!)


    • I remember those days too, aubrey. One of my friends in middle school mistakenly thought it was “Pants Friday” and wore a pantsuit that morning, only to discover it was just Thursday. We hid her by walking in a large group around her (luckily she was short), and she made a point of sitting in the back of class. I think the teachers were fully aware that she wasn’t in a skirt that day, but they were too busy dealing with rowdy students and lesson plans to pay attention to a girl in a shocking pink pantsuit. But the dumb things school administrators used to get their noses bent out of shape for! As if girls in pants would cause civilization to fall!


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