Maintaining one’s standards under duress

tea 3

…that moment when you realise the coughing spasm is going to end in a vomiting bout and you don’t have the physical capability to make it to the bathroom in time and you don’t have a waste bin or bowl to use and your oxygen starved brain knows the quilt is going to be bull’s eye unless it improvises- that is how your husband finds you vomiting into a tea cup.

One is a goddess after all.

FD small

12 thoughts on “Maintaining one’s standards under duress

  1. Urgh. Well, at least you got it into the teacup.

    But yes, how is it you’re still sick? On the internet, a single day is like a week! Take care of yourself and get well quickly.


    • Straight respiratory tract infection. It seems to be about this winter. I texted Minerva, driven my guilt in case she caught my germs, and she went down with it 4 days after me. She is blaming those other than me – she knows about the stick list.


  2. Sorry to hear this FD. Do hope you get well pronto so all can be right in the world.
    Very delicate maneuver that by the way.


    • I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to manage the little finger crook as I held the cup, but as a first try I was pretty impressed with my self. Mr FD wasn’t so impressed with the spaghetti marinara I had eaten an hour or so before though…we won’t go into details here.


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