12 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Always prioritize, my mother used to say!

    Happy anniversary, by the way. If you and Mr. FD can meet at the table for a cup of tea and a civil conversation (or perhaps you prefer contented silence at this point), you can claim your marriage has been a successful one. 🙂


    • We share numerous cups of tea, well not the same cup of tea, we each have our own cups.We drink tea at the same time from separate cups. And there will never be silence as long as Mr FD draws breath – as you know he even talks in his sleep!


  2. To answer Peter’s question, always, Always have tea first. It goes cold and the cake dries up. Adventures will happen anyway.


  3. Anniversary of the first date, and you get the bed to yourself?
    Should I say “tsk tsk”?
    Happy anniversary. Do you remember your first date? On my first date with my dude, we went to a movie, and the bloke fell fast asleep. Did you have an equally exciting first date?


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