there is a rule for that


One last word on THE HOTEL. To be honest, it turned out to be very convenient and rather comfortable, even if the shower was too small and the shower head shot the water up the wall above my head. The receptionist was also rather indifferent and not particularly welcoming. All staff we sighted were Asian and I really do think they have a different concept of customer service than what Australians are used too.

However, unlike most hotels that offer services everywhere one turns, this one had rules everywhere and for everything. There was also a dollar value on many misdemeanours as well. To use the tennis court (luckily Mr FD declined its usage) a guest was expected to pay a $100 deposit. There was no mention if this was refundable!

It was such a schoolmistress mentality that it became a running joke between Mr FD and I.

“Do you want a cup of tea?”
“There is probably a rule for how many times the kettle can be used.”
“And it will cost $100!”

Just to prove my point:

Roma Street Parklands July 2013 001

Roma Street Parklands July 2013 002


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