Mr FD is recovering well, thank you very much. However, he has to have some magical substance injected into his knee in 6 weeks time. All in the effort to ward off a knee replacement as long as possible because knee replacements don’t last, and having the knee operation at an advanced age is not a good thing, so delaying the first one as long as possible is the goal. We have told the doctor that we agree but we don’t want Mr FD hobbling around on a $20,000 knee that still doesn’t work.

Woman suited

Now, onto more important issues – ME! Still coughing and nose blowing, and deaf in my left ear. Today Minerva asked me if she was standing on my “good side” and I had to ask her whether she meant for hearing, or seeing, as I am blind on my right side, and momentarily deaf on my left. Do you want me to listen or look?

When to a great professional development day yesterday. How often do you hear someone say that? The usual experience is that professional development is a waste of time and we all sit there thinking about the things left undone back at the office. However this day was different.

It was a day for teacher librarians. The first key note speaker was TL at an exclusive Melbourne girls’ school and she spoke of the need for TL’s to take up leadership positions in schools and to maintain our path to strong goals. A little easier to do when you are teaching at one of the richest per capita areas in Australia and also teaching all girls. We who have lower socio economic areas of indigenous and special needs students have a different road to walk, but there was a lot I was able to take away from her presentation.

The second key note speaker was Anita Heiss, and indigenous writer who discussed indigenous writing which is a central part of our English curriculum now. She has a great sense of humour and came across as a warm and giving person. I asked her for suggestions on how to motivate my reluctant boys who see no need to read as they are going to be football stars. I always tell them they have to be able to read their contracts. Anita suggested I also add “how are you going to read about yourself in the paper?” That might actually motivate them as they are all after their fifteen minutes of fame these days!

As well, the food was great. Lots of Flamingo Dancer friendly food. And I stood out in the crowd where everyone was wearing black or black and red. I was wearing blue and green with something in between. Oh, and the pearls.  So, not a bad day away from the office at all.

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  1. Glad to read Mr. FD is recovering. My grandfather had 3 hip replacements as he lived so long they had to do the first hip a second time.

    I did laugh at your response to Minerva – perhaps she should’ve stood straight in front of you to hedge her bets.

    Anita Heiss sounds interesting – I’ll have to research her.


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