what a lady does

pearls and hats

Driving to work I really, really, wanted to give a bully driver the finger. I had to remember that two wrongs don’t make a right, and think about Petit Fille to control my natural instincts. I was wearing pearls as well, and a woman wearing pearls never raises the finger.

As we all know, she renders punishment with a stick. I used the white light to send bad karma his way too. No one bullies the Flamingo Dancer.

5 thoughts on “what a lady does

  1. I disagree. How effective would a digitus impudis be if performed by a well creamed beautifully manicured hand or one covered in clean white linen


  2. I was proud for only yelling “you drive like shit” instead of flippin’ the bird this morning – though it was only out of respect for the funeral procession which was in the adjoining lane.


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