a pinch and a poke and a punch, punch punch

boxer Clara Bow

I was deep within a very happy dream – I was at a party for someone who seemed to look like George Bush SENIOR (in the news this week with his bald pate) – when suddenly someone started punching me. Around about the third hit I woke up and realised it was happening for real!

It was Mr FD! Mr FD was punching me in the forehead in his sleep! Luckily it was kind of side on as he was lying on his back and so not able to punch with his full strength.

“Mr FD! Mr FD! Stop! You’re punching me!” I yelled.

He was full of apology when he realised what he had done. In his dream he had been told to wait his moment and then to attack, and so he did just that, attack. Except it was me!

So in a crazy way, his dream and my dream merged. Do you think we have been married too long?

Should I order a safety helmet?


[Mr FD is booked to go to a sleep clinic shortly]

4 thoughts on “a pinch and a poke and a punch, punch punch

  1. You’re going to have to bring the stick to bed with you if this keeps up! A couple of good whacks, and I promise Mr. FD will never punch you in his sleep again. Sometimes pain is a good teaching tool, at least in the natural world….


  2. In our house it is quite the reverse. My dude wonders if I punch him on purpose and pretend to be sleeping. Sometimes I wonder too !


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