who is a cranky Flamingo Dancer?


I have been battling with this damn respiratory infection for almost six weeks now and while the coughing is finally abating, I am still deaf in my left ear.

Monday I went to a country doctor who said there was a build up of wax and instructed the nurse to irrigate my ears. which she did with gusto, before jettisoning me out of the surgery even though I said I still couldn’t hear.

Miffed I drove into the city after school for a consultation with my city doctor sure she would have a solution. Oh yes, she said there is a build up of fluid in both ears… just keep doing what you have been doing and it may take A COUPLE OF WEEKS to clear.

Excuse me? A couple of weeks.

Did I mention that I am a teacher? I need to be able to hear clearly.

“Oh steam up the bathroom when you are having a shower and continue taking the antihistamines, if you want… bye”

Pay at the desk.

9 thoughts on “who is a cranky Flamingo Dancer?

  1. Someone once told me their doctor recommended stool softener to help reduce their child’s ear wax build-up. The mother said it worked. I’ve never tried it nor had reason to, but thought I’d pass it on. You’ve been suffering too long.


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