would you stuff your pet?

curious soups cats

Would you stuff your pet? If so, where would you keep Stuffie? Would Stuffie move into the old people’s home with you? Who would inherit Stuffie when you die?

People who walk around with vacant looks on their faces – do they have a moral responsibility to place a more intelligent expression on their faces for their companions and strangers passing by?

If two women approach a closed door, who holds the door open? Or Do they take it turn about? What is the etiquette?

Why are cars always called “she”? Why are boats christened “and may Big Whatever bless all who sail in HER? Why female gender?

Who decided Australia is “down under” and not “up above”?

Important stuff, people, important stuff…

11 thoughts on “would you stuff your pet?

  1. I dearly loved my cat and little dog, but I am quite happy not to have them taxidermied and set on the fireplace mantle or their favorite chair. My memories of them bring me joy, not their mounted skins. I also don’t think they would thank me for having their carcasses resurrected from the dead. I’ve long suspected that their spirits occasionally come back to check on me, and to remind me I am theirs. They’ve abandoned their fleshy abodes for greater freedom, so why should I hang on to the shells?


  2. No… gross.
    No… because then we couldn’t spot their stupidity so easily.
    The stand around and wait for a man to arrive? (as if!!)
    My car has no gender and I’ve never known why ships are female.
    Someone before me.


  3. I wouldn’t stuff one of my cats – mainly because I’d not be able to decide whether to have them “posed” in a cute curled-up-in-a-ball position … or with their leg hiked up over their head licking themselves … (If I did do something like that, I’d probably have them buried with me though since someone else would probably just throw them in the trash).


  4. “6 Great Soups Men Go For.” I just realized what the top of the magazine cover said! With cute kittens on the cover, it makes me wonder if one of the recipes is “kitty soup”? LOL! I just thought I’d bring that to your attention. 😛


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