Saturday and the comfort of food

wild lilies in the fields around Margaret River, Western Australia

wild lilies in the fields around Margaret River, Western Australia

A little sleep in before I had to rise and dress to make my hair appointment. Afterwards, I went to the supermarket. The entire time it was as if there were two of me; one side going through the motions of getting my hair cut, buying groceries, and the other half just thinking about BIL and my sister.

I can’t do much at this stage, but I can cook, so I spent the afternoon in the kitchen making meals to pop in their freezer. I made a Guinness stew, a curried vegetable and lentil stew, savoury Mediterranean muffins, and a simple fruit slice with dried fruit and coconut. I made muffins for our own consumption. I suppose I was finding comfort in food, in my own way! Producing, not consuming!

Tomorrow, I will take them over to sister and pop it all into their freezer. I tried to choose recipes with lots of vegetables and fibre and as many antioxidants and nutrients as I could. As Mr Boy is always telling me “a vegetable from every colour range” on the plate!

Augie Dog kept following me about the kitchen because, oh dear me, from time to time a morsel of meat, or a chunk of carrot would fall his way, and of course he just had to clean it up! I had the screen door to the patio open and a butcher bird had the temerity to wander into the family room. Well, Augie was most put out and was soon on the job chasing it away! No bird on his patch obviously!

I hope you had as fine and happy a Saturday as our Daughter2 who is spending the weekend with friends touring the Margaret River area in Western Australia – famous for food, wine and cheese. Life is tough for our girl!

5 thoughts on “Saturday and the comfort of food

  1. You have sure been busy with the cooking! I am sure it will be appreciated. My hubby and I went to Margaret River yesterday to see our accountant. The paddocks are covered in the lilies just like in your photograph. It is looking very pretty at the moment. That is what happens when it never stops raining!


  2. I can’t remember the food writer who said this, but it went something like, cooking for someone is the greatest way to show him or her love. From the time we are infants, nourishment has been the bond and the promise between loved ones. It says, “I will take care of you. I cherish you and you can always count on me to keep you safe and healthy.”

    It’s a great comfort to cook as well. Even when I’m grumpy and tired and whole damned world seems to be falling apart, there’s something reassuring about making a steaming pot of soup or stew.


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