excuse you

Colleague sent an email out to all staff this week thanking us all for the lovely card, filled with congratulations and best wishes upon her engagement some months ago – that she never received. Yep, she took us all to task for not organising to sign a piece of cardboard wishing her happiness the umpteenth time around.

Anyone want to guess just why she might not have received a card?

8 thoughts on “excuse you

  1. What the heck?
    If I were to have found the love of my life and be happily engaged, I would care not about a flimsy piece of cardboard from co-workers… People forced to be in my life, not chosen! WOW!
    Stick list?


    • It was an engagement that was announced months ago and then it wasn’t and then it was and then there was to be a ring, sometime somewhere and then it appeared – I think she just wore people out.


  2. What an arse.
    Not a card person myself. The latest scam is “back to school” merchandise and presents for new teachers!
    Cards for me are for loved ones who I won’t see on the day. I don’t co-sign giant cards at work and I’m not hugely offended if I don’t receive what I think is foolish and wasteful to send.


    • She is one of those teachers who are always throwing kids out of her class, because she can’t be bothered working with them and then they become someone else’s problem (usually mine!) I think the students annoy her or leave their laptops in their locker and pretend it is home just to escape her. She is not well loved.


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