still mean

So tired of teen age boys and their Justin Beiber haircuts which cause them to hang their heads to maintain it all hanging over their eyes, or to swing their heads back and forth like a horse chasing flies away, to maintain the side sweep. One such student in my class today spent so much time grooming that I snapped, “For goodness sake get a haircut that you can maintain, instead of that old man comb over!” I didn’t mention the oily hair and dandruff… yet.

Later,  an email popped up on my laptop asking teachers to request that the pop up student hair dressing activities taking place in the BOYS’ toilets please cease as the cleaners are getting tired of sweeping up hair!

Teachers were also to ask students not to spray deodorants in confined spaces as some students have allergies. It was a perfect opportunity on a 34C spring day to inform my students that deodorant and perfume were not, and never would be, a substitute for a daily shower. They looked aghast at my comments.

I may not win teacher of the year, but damn it felt good.

10 thoughts on “still mean

  1. Hallelujah! Well said. Daily washes and regular baths seem to be a thing of the past. The waft of perfume closely followed by old sweat is a daily event for me.
    Fortunately Bieber Fevers died in the UK.


    • When I managed the bookshop in my previous life I had to take one young girl aside and advise to shower and wash her work clothes as well – even if she did both at the same time it would have been an improvement!


  2. Oh God, that hairstyle drives me nuts. All I want to do is bring a knife and shave it off completely. Or throw in a lot of grease. comb it and tie a ponytail so tight that their face skin tears along the nose bridge. AAAAh.
    And smell..I used to visit my nephew at his all-boys high school (now he is in college) and would gag at the olfactory onslaught – deodorant, hair grease, sweat and phremones. Bad bad combination. I can’t imagine how you tolerate it.


    • We have three small break out study rooms and after every group of boys have been in there for a lesson, Minerva or I go in and open every window to air the rooms out – the odour can linger for hours otherwise!


  3. What is it nowadays with young men and bathing? I need my own stick to get my 24-year-old son to take a shower. When he was in high school, I’d literally throw him into the bathroom and make him wash up. Once he went off to college, however, he stopped bathing on a regular basis. I told him while he was visiting that standing in an elevator with him was unbearable, and while he groused, he took the hint and took a shower that evening. He works in a restaurant, so I’m sure his employer doesn’t tolerate his going unwashed in the kitchen. But the man doesn’t even use deodorant because “it’s made from harmful chemicals.” I’m not sure if that’s better than his walking about smelling like a high school locker room after a long football game in hot weather.


  4. I like to think it was worse when I was in high school in the late ’80s-early ’90s. One of the big styles then was basically almost buzz-short on one side, long on the other, at least to the ear, if not the chin. I knew it as the “skater-do”. Always had hair in my face when I had it cut like that. Yet that was the idea.

    I look back on photos from that time and cringe, but… I reserve my deepest contempt for the mullet (it shall ALWAYS be a bad haircut IMHO) and dreadlocks on men of fair complexion. I think of three words when I see the latter: WASH. YOUR. HAIR!


  5. I also despise the ‘Justin’ flick. Drives me nuts. And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the horse fly flicking head movement!
    We got n email from the teacher of the 9year old. Went to all, not just us – talking about daily hygiene and importance of showering and deodorants. She said many of the students were ‘quite ripe’ which I had never heard as a word used with body odour.
    I do not think it was my son (bet everyone thought that) but deodorant is now there with his uniform each day.
    My friend’s kid in the same class refuses to use any as ‘her boobs aren’t big enough’ according to her!


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