the nice of niceness

Happy weekend

Exceptional weekend being nice. Saturday, a friend dropped in early morning for coffee, then in the afternoon we visited with BIL in the palliative care ward.

BIL may be able to go home this week if they can control his pain with oral medication, but he also needs to be eating, which he isn’t all that much. He has lost a lot of weight.

The hospital is undergoing major expansion and has become a very badly signed rabbit warren and we were exhausted by wandering hallways. Mr FD was hobbling on his sore knee by the end and we almost came to a stoush outside one ward where Mr FD claimed he saw BIL, but it was a public ward and I knew BIL was in a private room. I think Mr FD was just over his scavenger hunt for BIL and was ready to claim any man who had gray hair and looked over 70! To keep Mr FD marching I promised that if I spied an abandoned wheel chair I would push him the rest of the way! Luckily for me we did not come across any, or I may have required CPR!

Our exit journey was no better, as we were led into a dead end at a fire door only to be rescued by a cleaner who told us to take the elevator up one floor, to then go down three floors! Next visit, I shall pack a compass and a cut lunch!

I wore my new shoes to entertain BIL. They made me quite the “coolest teacher” at school last Friday. Who said Librarian’s are boring?

shoes vanns

Sunday we had a play date with grand daughter, Petite Fille who will be 7 months soon, and is sitting with grace, and sporting two teeth. Grandma was on all fours on the floor showing her the finer techniques of crawling, but I think the sight of Granny, bottom in air before her was too distracting for her to actually go to the mechanics of crawling!

Five more school days and then HOLIDAYS! Chill the bottle now!

12 thoughts on “the nice of niceness

  1. If BIL and his wife want him home, I hope he is able to go. Husband eats little but, fortunately, favors high protein drinks – we’ll take any plus we can get. I’m sure Petite Fille is a welcome bright spot in your life.


  2. I realize it’s hard for hospitals to remodel and update without having to shut down floors, but hospitals are already hard to get find your way around without dodging closed wards. You should bring your stick next time and shake it at the administrator, telling him or her to at least put up better signs!

    I love those shoes! They’d make me start dancing jazz steps. šŸ™‚


    • SON has been reading a book on dog psychology and has pronounced that Augie sees us as his pack leaders and that he is sane. Augie is sane, I mean – not that SON isn’t , though one could worry as he is Mr FD’s son too, but as far as I know we are all sane, though we have our doubts about Mr FD.


  3. Lol, I used to do that when Dad was in hospital – wander around the corridors looking in doorways then walzing in and calling out – Hello! to startled old men who weren’t him.


    • Oh yes the Mater – my brother was in the Mater a couple years ago and they were rebuilding too and we couldn’t even find our way from the car park into the hospital. Eventually we stumbled into his room and I seriously considered turfing him out of his bed so that I could rest before the return journey!

      flamingo dancing shoes, GOF!


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