it is a teacher’s life for me

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One half day and then the term three comes to an end. A ten week, fourth term will bring us to the end of the school year and my fourth year of teaching. Five years since I was “redundant” at the Basement of Discontent.

Long term readers are now wondering about how time has passed and oh, my are we all getting old? but that is how time passes doesn’t it? One day at a time and then we pause and realise weeks, months and years have gone by us. Hopefully they haven’t just “gone by” but we have lived a life well lived in a way that has meaning to us, as individuals.

BIL is still in hospital but hopefully will have a day trip to their daughter’s house this weekend, and may be allowed home early next week. He has been walking with a walking frame a little too.

Mr FD’s niece who underwent IVF and is carrying twins has reached the 30 week mark, but started labour yesterday. In the hospital the doctors were able to stop the labour process so we are holding our breath and hoping the wee ones are patient a little longer.

Daughter2 and Beau are travelling through Vietnam and Cambodia, due back Saturday (to Perth, not to her Mama). Lots of happy snaps have been sent, and drinking from coconuts seems to have been a happy past time. I think the poverty has been rather saddening, which is one reason I really don’t have real plans to visit areas of Asia. My guilt would be too much on a holiday.

Does that sound selfish? I just can’t see how I could enjoy myself on a holiday amongst poverty and suffering. I know I could salve my feelings by thinking that my tourist dollars help but I know I couldn’t relax from my cares amongst other’s cares.

My two week break from school will be spent visiting the trio of my Mum, our grand daughter and her Mum (Daughter 1) and BIL. Then of course, as I have mentioned before Mr FD and I are off to Tasmania for a few days, including a Librarians’ conference (oh the excitement! Actually I really am looking forward to it – it is a life and something has to live it!)

3 thoughts on “it is a teacher’s life for me

  1. No, I don’t think you’re selfish for feeling too guilty to travel through the poorer parts of Asia. I see too many travelers who think the world is their playground and the poverty they see around them is just background noise, or “traditional culture.” (Right, my grandmother used to use an outdoor privy instead of a flush toilet 100 years ago, but I don’t think she would have wanted to go back to “the old days” just for tradition’s sake.) I’d rather send my tourist dollars to an organization like OxFam and see it help those people, not enrich some luxury hotel in Saigon.

    I’m glad you’re getting a break. Hope you have a good time in Tasmania!


    • I agree. Plus, I think it’s good to make a distinction between a vacation that’s taken for respite and restoration and a vacation for service and doing good. Teaching, at least as I know and understand it, is a hard labor of love, and I don’t see anything wrong with taking a restful trip and then planning later to do a trip that is of a more charitable nature.


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