elegance and joie de vivre – off with their heads!


This elegance gig may just have legs! I breezed into the library, dressed to the heights of  my teacher sophistication (is there any other? no there is not!), greeted everyone with a smile, emailed the many brilliant ideas and suggestions that had occurred to me over the break to the powers that be, or aren’t, and just kept oozing joie de vivre all day.

I joied de vivred even when I truly, madly, desperately desired  to kick people and even tried to maintain an exultation of spirit during a rather surreal conversation with a fellow teacher who may have just smoked one too many of his socks last night and appeared not to quite be aware that he was speaking directly to me as he referred to me as if I was  a third person. Interesting day…

I think I have everything in place for our author visit tomorrow. Venue, sound systems, screens, projectors, food for said author etc.etc.etc. I have just written a witty, but memorable introduction to present.  I am running one session in the hall for grades 8-10, then our years 11 and 12 indigenous students get a session, and the third session is one for teachers and will centre on the new Australian curriculum. The teachers’ session worries me the most, as our bunch are rather slack in attending another that isn’t forced upon them after school.

We are paying a lot of money for this author, plus it will be embarrassing if I am the only one sitting there listening to her, so I shall have to hope they can be motivated to attend. Lawyer Daughter2 says that I can’t round up people with my stick, but I think I should not rest on her judgement – mother always knows best …

12 thoughts on “elegance and joie de vivre – off with their heads!

    • At the conference last week, the man who is heading up the rewriting of the Australian curriculum said something along the lines that, no one looks to America for what to do in education! Our previous PM Julia was though!


      • Please, I prefer “U.S.” to “America” (sorry about that fuss) because Canada sometimes mimics what we do, in part. Or at least I ask for a more “North America” perspective. A guy can hope, right?

        Anyways… I was a failed elementary education student. I had deep problems of my own (I suspect I might deal with autism as my son does, for one), but I perceive both the systems of our grade schools and higher education institutions are deeply flawed.


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