a stick in the hand…

Stick list 1

Friend asked me not to stroke her hand any time soon, today! Do you think I can retire the stick and just threaten “the hand”? Maybe I should insure my hand for some astronomical amount of money like dancers insure their legs!

The day after our Dad passed away there was an incredible hail storm that afternoon after he died. My sister and I were out making funeral arrangements and her car was damaged by hail. At the time we joked that Dad must have been really pissed off about having died (he was only 76)!

Today, Sister backed her car into her daughter’s car, stress and exhaustion I expect. Then were severe storms this afternoon.

Even I am starting to believe we are not a family to mess with!


[Does the woman in the photo above look as though she is patrolling the boys’ showers to you?]

11 thoughts on “a stick in the hand…

  1. Somehow I read the title as “a stick up the butt…”

    Then I thought, “Oh, how rude, jak, FD doesn’t want to read that.” And then I read the ending sentence of your post:
    [Does the woman in the photo above look as though she is patrolling the boys’ showers to you?]

    GAH! Not helping! A part of me is quite roguishly amused, however.


  2. I was thinking that fashion shot looked as if it took place in a gym locker room. “Heads up, boys, the Commissar’s in town!” Maybe the photographer was pinched for time and had to find a quick spot to set up his assignment: though the other thought is a frankly naughty one. 😉

    Every time we’ve had a funeral for a family member, the weather was beautiful. I think that was their way of saying they were done with us, have a nice life.


  3. That’s odd. Our funerals have always been bright clear days. Hmm ..
    You reminded me in that first paragraph of a friend of mine years ago who was very much a loud country lady -horses, early starts, throwing hay bales around. She was renowned for visiting bereaved friends with a “buck up girl” speech, often leaving them more upset than before she arrived.


  4. LOL! Mr FD was in the habit of saying “oh old so and so had a good innings” until I got cranky one day and told him that I was sure that people facing death never thought their “innings” was long enough – and by the side, let us not mention the Australian cricket team in any way!


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