Beware the powers of the Flamingo Dancer


BIL passed away early Monday evening. His daughter sat on one side of his bed, his wife, my sister sat on the other. I stroked his hand to say goodbye and as I said “I’ll see you on down the road” his face relaxed and his breathing stopped.

Black humour as it is, the family tale is that I killed him!

If you don’t laugh, you cry…

21 thoughts on “Beware the powers of the Flamingo Dancer

  1. I am sorry, FD. May you and your family (esp sister and niece) find the strength to bear the loss. May your brother in law R.I.P.
    We’ll all indeed meet him (and each other) down the line – death is quite the leveler..


  2. Oh no no, you gave him permission to walk free of his chains. So often the dying are reluctant to go for the sake of their loved ones. They wait until everyone’s left the room, so not to cause further distress, or there’s a cue from someone that it’s all right to depart. Your words reminded him that no loving parting is permanent. My thoughts will be with you and BIL’s family today.


  3. I am so sorry to hear this – but your words were both promise and farewell. They offered comfort on the outset of a new journey…and a suitable topic for a new family legend!


  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a “Like”, FD. Uncle-in-law’s funeral was yesterday, actually. It was quite nice and I’ll be writing about it in a moment, as well as some other thoughts.

    I will say this: I’ve had a few discussions with HG/ET about the Japanese concept of ancestral spirits, and how it resonates with my own faith and experiences. My experience is that the spirit endures, and many people, especially family, will return to the homes of their loved ones, to watch over them and protect them. It is also my experience that others who have passed help the dying to make their transition, so I think very likely that your BIL and other departed regard your gesture with honor, and respect.


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