writing Viola Dana

Haven’t knocked anyone off in the last few days; well, not that I know of anyway!

I sensed a rather low mood coming on this morning, but tried to laugh with colleagues and to do some creative things to lighten the emotions. We are promoting NaNoWriMo at school this weekend, so I set up a wall display for that. We have staff bringing in old typewriters tomorrow as props too.

We don’t really expect any of our students to write a 30,000 word novel in a month, but it is a way of promoting literacy which is our tool of trade! Plus we will have some fun! The group will meet every Monday after school in the library to write and share. I hope there are enough students to form a group!

It’s a nice display anyway!

3 thoughts on “wordsmiths

  1. Congratulations on the low homicide rate. I had an almighty row with a consultant once and then she went home and, well, just died. So now when I get to take Ash Gill always reminds me not to kill the doctor.
    Despite the above, I am thinking of you at this sad time and hope all arrangements are going smoothly. X


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