car Meadows Frisky 1958 to 1961

Saturday I was prostrate on the floor. I found it the best position to build block towers to knock over, pour imaginary tea from musical tea pots, read story books, sing songs, and tickle toes with Petite Fille.

I also introduced her to the thrill of sitting in a the laundry basket as Grandma pushed or pulled it around the floor, making car horn honking noises, and ordering Mummy and Daddy out of the way!

Petite Fille is almost nine months old and has six teeth, and learnt to pull herself up to a standing position this week. It is a grand life!

And the most amazing thing of all? I could still walk on Sunday!

9 thoughts on “gruntled

  1. NOw, is Gruntled really a word? I have always wondered about those types of words, that start with dis but noone ever seems to use them in the other way. Nice nice time with the petite fille.


  2. What a fun grandma you are! I’ll have to take lessons from you. My grandson is still too young to sit up in a basket or play with blocks, though he does love to swing in his mechanical baby cradle (ah technology—we don’t even have to rock the baby to sleep anymore).

    “Disgruntled” is a funny word, since the root is from “grunt.” The word means to be dissatisfied, but why would that lead to grunting? I envision all these English peasants grunting in disgust after the lord of the manor announces he’s taking a bigger chunk of their harvest.


    • Gruntled and disgruntled are odd words if they derive from grunt as we understand its meaning, for if dis means not, disgruntled means not grunting, which is quite the opposite! I like the elegance of gruntled!


    • Isn’t it a grand word? It deserves to be used more!
      Oh my I get so excited when I can play with our little girl, it makes me joyous for days afterwards. Being a grandparent when you are young enough to enjoy it is the most wonderful thing!


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