Tuesday round robin writing and the zilkenzenderpied

woman writing picasso

So here is how it is going to be people; a story in many parts. I will start the story and then leave it hanging. The next person will write their contribution (in the reply area so we can see the thread) and leave it open for the third to continue and then the four and the fifth, until it comes to its natural end – if it does!

It might even be a choose your own adventure, it two people post at once. What fun!

And it starts…

It would have all been alright, if only she hadn’t heard that Mildred have found a zilkenzenderpied which she had presented with more than a simple flourish of superiority at the last Ladies Club gathering. Thirty pairs of eyes had settled on it, clasped in Mildred’s finely manicured hands, and there had been an audible sound of air being sucked between veneered teeth and glossy lips.

If Josephine had just stayed in bed that morning, beneath the blankets as had been her first instinct, then she wouldn’t had witnessed the look of triumphant that Mildred had thrown her way; that challenge her eyes had communicated would have fallen unnoticed. No, Josephine; Josie to her husband, Jo to her school friends, had not listened to her instincts, but had ventured forth, unknowingly ruining her own life…

3 thoughts on “Tuesday round robin writing and the zilkenzenderpied

  1. For the zilkenzenderpied was rare, especially in these parts and for Mildred of all people to be the one that found one. Josie was fuming, she could feel her pulse quicken and the blood cursing through her veins. How smug Mildred looked as she cast the “Look what I have, top that Josephine dear” glance to her archenemy. This situation was not sitting well, nor did Josie know how she could top her rival, the smug but ever so popular Mildred.


  2. It was bad enough that Mildred should have found the bloody thing in the first place but to embarrass her like this AGAIN in front of such a group of so called friends. She’d only just about forgiven her for the cleaner fiasco last year…where she poached the Mexican maid from her house….claiming it was easier for the poor girl’s transport issues and not at all that she just wanted to feel like a superior employer.
    Just to look at that smirk as she held out the zilkenzenderpied on her well manicured hand….you’d have thought it was made of gold rather than………..


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