Christmas is coming on a late night flight

Christmas Hi

A text from Daughter2 boarding the plane at Perth airport heralded the start of Christmas season for me this evening. It is a five hour flight, and so she will  stay the night with her sister and reacquaint herself with Petite Fille tomorrow before I drive to the city to collect her on Monday. Then she is mine for the next few days.

At night we shall lie on my bed and watch smaltzy Christmas movies and gossip. Yes we will! After Christmas she will be away for a day or so as she will be meeting boyfriend’s parents for the first time (how impressed they will be!) and then she will return along with said boyfriend and it is our turn for meet and greet.

He is only staying one night, so I think I can meet the behaviour requirements laid down by Daughter2. I made no promises, I just said I would try to “be normal” but I am sure an extended need for rest will ensure after he has left.

I finally cleared the last of the moving boxes from a corner of our bedroom. I know it has been 14 months since we moved, but those pesky boxes refused to be tamed. I took five more bags of clothing to the charity box at the local church this afternoon, making a total 10 bags of clothing in the last ten days. Superior me!

There were three television sets and a refrigerator sitting on the footpath as well. Charitable donations – I am not sure. TV has finally gone digital in all areas now and I suspect that the TVs “donated” were analogues. Too often the items that are left for charity are just an excuse to have someone else to pay to have the rubbish removed. Not charity in my mind!

I always have a rule that if I wouldn’t use, or wear the item I donate, then it goes in the bin. Those in need have just as much right to dignity as anyone else and in truth we are all probably just a couple of pays away from financial hardship.

I would like to think that what goes around comes around, even in the world of charitable donations. One can always hope!

The loveliest part of my day was getting to meet our new great-nephews. The sons of Mr FD’s niece they are a little over two months old, but they were experiencing some health issues and so, while we kept in constant touch we refrained from imposing the strain of a visit upon their parents until today.

On Thursday the baby boys were rushed independently to the emergency department by ambulance as they both had breathing issues, but were released late Friday to go home. They now have tummy monitors, and mattress monitors and it is going to be an anxious twelve months for everyone, but they are so gorgeous that it seems more of a gift than a hardship to all.

They are not identical, being the result of IVF and two separate eggs, and so have very different personalities already. They are handsome young men, and it will be a joy to watch then grow. There have been four babies, including Petite Fille, born into the extended FD clan this year and we already know of one expected next year too. We shall inherit the earth, one way or another!

Speaking of inheriting, this yuletide season just remember those words of Honore de Balzac:

To kill a relative of whom you are tired is something. But to inherit his property afterwards, that is genuine pleasure.

12 thoughts on “Christmas is coming on a late night flight

  1. At night we shall lie on my bed and watch smaltzy Christmas movies
    I am told by my ethnically Jewish family friend that schmaltz is Yiddish for “chicken fat”, and it came from reviews for Yiddish theater. I still have chicken stock left over from last week’s church dinner, so we shall literally have schmaltzy goodness for a while.

    TV has finally gone digital in all areas now and I suspect that the TVs “donated” were analogues.
    What about converter boxes? Our set is a hand-me-down analogue, so I had to get one. (Cimmy and the kids prefer streaming media, though; I had to get a media server just to pry their watching away from the computers somewhat.) I agree, though, that people often dump their junk for charitable donations.


  2. I love Christmas! It’s so neat to see people everywhere start treating strangers as if they were brothers and sisters again, if only for one month. We will probably be spending Christmas with just our immediate family this year. I am uncertain. However, it will be nice to do it together. I plan to spend the day expanding my Christmas Playlist on YouTube. As jak said, since we have D-link now, our TV watching has become much more computer oriented. Anyway, enjoy your family this Christmas and stay healthy. Love to the babies.


    • Many people do have converters, but it means a big of a rigmarole to watch TV. We walked down to take in the beautiful display of lights a neighbour (an electrician!) has this year, and it was so pleasant in the summer cook after a 36C day!


  3. That sounds completely delicious.
    Sadly, my kid is over there for the holidays.
    She’s looking forward to fireworks – you guys do Christmas fireworks? – because when they have them in the Bay Area for the fourth of July it is always foggy.
    So really her experience of fireworks is that there are loud noises and colored clouds.
    (You have the things anyway. It is a ritual. So what if you can’t see them.)
    But I am a little melancholy over Skyped Christmas.


  4. Ha, Balzac, ha! He understood family relationships too well!

    I’m sure the boyfriend will be so overwhelmed upon meeting you that he will fall to his knees. Or will become a disciple to your Evilosity. Enjoy your time with your daughter!


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