christmas table setting

The past two days are a gluttonous blur of serving meals and clearing away meals, and serving more meals and clearing away more meals, and tossing leftovers that can no longer be faced into the bin. My poor tummy feels so bloated, and I just want to find my loosest clothes and lie somewhere quiet for a long, long time.

I think we may have made it out okay if everyone had just adhered to the menu and their designated dishes, but everyone added a dish, a platter, a  half beast to the table so in the end we had enough to food to feed four families and a small lost tribe from deepest, darkest Peru.

We were equal to the task at first. We ate the antipasto platter, the Christmas lunch followed by a rich, creamy, custardy dessert course. Then were snacks, and fruit, and Christmas dinner… and breakfast and a second return of Christmas lunch and afternoon tea… and dinner.

I feel bloated and stuffed like a Christmas turducken. I swear even Augie Dog no longer hangs out around his dinner bowl waiting for  treats, and starts to howl in pain whenever anyone attempts to share a sliver of ham with him.

It was a great Christmas… hope yours was too!

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