You, Me and the Zero to Hero WordPress Challenge

I am in participating in a process of blog renewal after several years of blogging, here and on Vox, and so I have committed to undertaking the daily tasks in the Zero to Hero WordPress Challenge.


This image with appear on all the posts that I write as part of the Zero to Hero 30 Day Challenge. A little hands up as to why I might be a little out of my usual writing comfort zone.

11 thoughts on “You, Me and the Zero to Hero WordPress Challenge

  1. I am intrigued.

    It wasn’t all that long ago, I decided I needed to read Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero With A Thousand Faces.” I remember saying, “whoa”, over and over with each turn of the page.
    Not too long later, I figured that I should start blogging about it.

    And now I’m saying “whoa” all over again. How can I refuse this Call to Adventure? I must accept.


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  4. Red Bandanas for anyone who wants them. I will be at the 430. I would love to get a big piructe with everyone wearing them after or during the workout and send it to Welles’ mother. She would love it. Thanks and hope you enjoy his story.


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