The creative muse, or is that mouse?

A couple of months ago I recklessly announced that I was going to take up needle felting. I even purchased a beginner’s kit and started to collect “inspirational” photos on Pinterest, before procrastination set in; and a good dose of the fear of failure.

However, I have a dream… yes, indeed a dream. I want to make a “village” of little people and anthropomorphic animals for Petite Fille to play with. Of course, they will be so exquisite they will become a treasured family heirloom.

Late Friday night, which is always the best time to start a new project, I started to make this lovely lady. Flamingo Dancer being Flamingo Dancer, I started at what I found out half way through was an intermediate level project, but after one failed attempt with the head where she ended up looking more like a seal than a mouse, by Sunday night I was ready to announce “She’s  alive, she’s alive!”


As I was “needling” her (this is so the perfect craft for me, as I needle Mr FD so well!) I am sure that she told me her name was Grandma Maude, but no doubt Petite Fille will have her own ideas.

Spurred on by my own brilliance, late Sunday night I started this gentle Forest Gnome. One arm appeared a little shorter than the other early on, which led Mr FD to name her Thalidomide Child, but eventually all appeared to come right to an acceptable degree.

Felted Forest Gnome 1

I customised the patterns a little, as when Daughter1 found out (because I announced it so loudly) that I was making the play set for Petite Fille, she asked for “props” to allow for creative play. So, Grandma Maude got a basket, which I carefully crafted without any instructions. Such artistic talent!

While not a “prop” exactly, I did add hair in a braid to the Forest Girl Gnome, so that her hat could be taken off when she is inside. The instructions said to just felt the hat to the head, so I had to improvise a little to make the hat fit around the head and be able to come off.

Felter Forest Gnome 1 back

I have some wool ordered to make mushrooms, and so I think I will make “Mother Mushroom” next. She will have a red and white spotted cap of course!

All very therapeutic, and I did gain a sense of success right from the outset, which as a teacher I know is important to support motivation and learning. Not so therapeutic  though, when the needle goes into a finger however. The odd bit of my blue blooded DNA is now on some of the wool for future generations wishing to clone me! Win, win all around, I say!

12 thoughts on “The creative muse, or is that mouse?

  1. I have a friend who has a friend (you’re following this, right?) who does some incredible felting work. Not sure it would be for me, but even more importantly, I definitely do not need another hobby – I’m out of space! I’m impressed with your results – good going!


  2. Very cute! I envy Petite Fille for having such a talented grandmother! Just be aware however that a small child can take a lovely handmade creation and destroy it within a few minutes. I found that out when I crocheted a little mouse for a niece. I was so pleased with myself, until the wretched child unraveled it that very evening. I was less sad about my work taken apart than knowing the mouse would have been safer with my own children, who were less destructive.


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