another day, another lunch

gossip Photo by William Klein, 1960.

The problem with arriving early at a restaurant is trying to appear calm, collected and unperturbed sitting alone, while all your social insecurities war within.

Luckily, the restaurant in which I was waiting was cocooned within a small gift store, and so I made a mental list of the items displayed about me beside the names of the people for whom I thought they would make the perfect gift. Surprising how many times my name went against the trinket, or accessory!

The waitress asked if I wanted more than water as I waited, and I said, no thank you, and instantly regretted my decision, so I followed her back to the counter and asked for a chardonnay.  It was 41C outside and a cold drink was called for!

I only had time for a sip or two, before my companion arrived; a colleague who yesterday was offered a teaching position in The Village.  I raised my glass in congratulations and we set to gossiping. Three hours later, in which the waitress had befriended us as well, we were still reminiscing and gossiping, but reality finally struck and we both knew we really ought to go home.  We hugged and promised to wave as we passed each other on the highway during school term, as we will be going in opposite directions each day!

Tomorrow is a school day, so teachers can no longer wine and dine – we will just whine! Or maybe wine and whine?

One thought on “another day, another lunch

  1. I love those lunches where you lose a few hours in conversation with a good friend. I also know that feeling of returning to the classroom after a long break (which is never long enough). I hope it’s not too hot in the library—you have every right to complain about that!


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