People in glass houses

The thing is with professional navel gazing is that while we might all agree that standards need to be raised, and professional practice enhanced, no one actually thinks they are the one that needs to lift their game.

Smug and secure in our little arrogant cocoon of self confidence and delusion, we all assume that it is the other guys who really need to lift their standard and enhance their professional practice, as we are just perfect.



7 thoughts on “People in glass houses

  1. Nobody gets up I the morning and says “I think I’m going to screw up everything I touch today.” And yet somehow it happens anyway.”


  2. Well said. At the training seminars we were required to attend at my former workplace, there would always be these people who’d smirk, thinking they didn’t need to be there. And we all knew they were the worse ones, the people who made us all crazy because they were holding things up with their complaining and shirking.


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