You talking’ to me?

The end of a long, hot, first day back at work, Minerva and I walked through the school gates and stood for a moment chatting in the driveway. We moved to cross the street to our cars and had only taken about 10 steps when we heard a crack and a crunch, and two branches fell from the tree high above, to land exactly where we had just been standing!


I suggested to Minerva that we quickly pick up a corner of the branches and climb under, with visions of emulating the wicked witch of Oz’s feet sticking out from under the house, so that we could claim compensation, but we thought that maybe The Big Whatever was trying to tell us something and not to tempt fate.

Maybe The Big Whatever needs to know that there are other forms of communication these days other than burning bushes and falling tree branches – like twitter and email for a start!

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