Saturday night craft

This week’s project for Petite Fille’s Village, is a mushroom house. No pattern, so I can’t blame anyone for bad instructions! I sent a photo to Daughter2 and she said something along the line “Wow, you are fantastic at needle felting” and I replied something along the line “Obviously shows that the craft is for the most craft challenged” . That aside, I am really enjoying the elements of creativity, the relaxation of it all, and the fact that I am crafting something for my grand daughter.

Felted Mushroom HOUSE JAN 2014

I need to craft a base so that it doesn’t have to lean against something. I thought of maybe making something like a grassy knoll by using lavender inside a small bag and needle felting over, so that it is weighted, flexible and the lavender may help to keep insects out during storage, as it will really be a couple of years before everything is completed and the set is given to Petite Fille to play with. It would go straight to her mouth right now!

6 thoughts on “Saturday night craft

  1. Maybe Cedar Sawdust would be a better repellent? Not sure. But you really are good at this craft. I love the house, it is very adorable.


  2. You really are very good at needle felting! I had wondered if you planned to give it to Petite Fille soon, because of that going to the mouth thing. Waiting seems the wiser course.

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  3. do you know how to felting over wire? now that i have needles & a felting pad, my mind is felting away (sadly, my hands are not) and I’m trying to figure out how people make the little wire-reinforced felted animals (without having to take one of mine apart to find out)


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