licensed to drive

driving 1

I wish I could say that the chaos at school the day before students returned was organised chaos, but that would have been delusional. It was just out of control chaos. Bone gripping exhausting chaos.

By the end of the day, I found myself sitting at the traffic lights unaware of anything until someone honked their car horn at me. I am not sure if I pulled up at a green light, or just failed to see the red turn to green, but I might still be sitting there if the man in the ute hadn’t beeped.

Then he barked at me like a dog! I thought, how dare he! Is he calling me a dog? Or worse still a bitch? Through the brain fog I slowly realised that he wasn’t barking at me, his dog was!

He gave me a wide berth at the next lights and then our paths separated. Thanks to traffic works, I spent most of the usually 45 minute freeway trip home doing less than 20km, rather than the usual 100km. Long day…

Yay, teaching.

7 thoughts on “licensed to drive

  1. Long day indeed. I wonder that you didn’t take your stick to the chaos. (And knock a few heads as well.)

    I hope you were able to treat yourself to a long soak in the tub and a glass of chilled wine when you got home. Teachers work hard for their pay, regardless of what politicians and pundits claim.


  2. The dog situation is Hilarious! It’s a tough day that leads to that. I hate when I make a traffic faux pas and then the other person is close on my route for a period of time, it makes me think I’m under total scrutiny which I guess I am!


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