bath of surprise

meditation 14

Well, I have to hand it to the slithery little sods, they appear to have a taste for the finer things in life. I walked into the bathroom this morning to take a shower and found another snake; in the spa bath. A quick exit and down the hall way I sprinted calling to Mr FD and Son.

They declared it a tree snake, and a young one. Kin no doubt to the one despatched in the hallway earlier this week. Son brought in a leaf rake and balanced it on that until he was able to set it free further down the property. He and Mr FD totally ignored my demands to “kill, kill, kill” from the patio where I had retreated with Augie Dog.

I argued my point with a hysterical biology lesson as to how one snake meets another snake and next thing we have many snakes, but Mr FD tried to pretend he thought it “cute”. I know he was just doing it to torment me and he shall pay long and hard for his misbehaviour…

Not sure if the snake had been coming out of the spa jets, or just heading towards one, I decided to fill the tub to flush out any possible companions out. I kept watch as the water rose over the jets, not sure what I would do if something did appear. No doubt another sprint down the hall, at the very least!  Nothing appeared, so I took a very fast and very nervous shower.

I was joining my sister for lunch, and the very first thing I did was order a glass of wine to soothe my rattled nerves. My stress was not alleviated by the text I received from Daughter2 who relayed a message from her boyfriend that snakes often get into the roof and slither on down. Comforting thought that no doubt will stay with me through the midnight hours, waiting for snakes to fall from the ceiling onto my head!

Yeah, sweet dreams, right.

8 thoughts on “bath of surprise

  1. This sounds SO unpleasant and frightening. Years ago I opened a drawer at my Mom and Dad’s place and found a small corn snake (not poisonous) curled up in the drawer. I found myself backed up all the way against the other way. No one was at home, so I had to call the neighbor to dispatch of it. Snakes outside never disturb me, but… Inside…its a whole different story, I have no idea how you sleep at all!


  2. I don’t have a fear of snakes: I actually wanted one for a pet when I was a child, though thankfully my parents never indulged me in that request. Like mizunogirl, seeing one loose in the house makes me jump, however. I don’t know if I’d ever kill a snake if I found one in my house. If it was a venomous one, I’d probably feel I had no choice. “It’s you or me, fella.”


  3. I had a friend who lived in Florida whose cat would bring snakes into the house and deposit them.
    Sometimes the worse for wear, sometimes not.
    He favored the shower, but also left them among the laundry at times.


    • Our old tomcat Katsu used to proudly drag home garter snakes, most of them dead, but once very alive and squirmy. He would drop them at my feet and look at me with the glow of a big-game hunter. “Momma! Look what I found for you!” He was so disappointed when I screamed.


  4. Not a big fan of snakes in the house, especially the bathroom, as a person’s escape down the hallway is probably most often done in the nudie! This could be disturbing on so many levels. 🙂


  5. I’d never get into that spa ever again. We found a baby snake (the size of your palm) on our verandah some time back, and everytime I go to the verandah, my antenna is up, heart is racing and adrenalin flowing out of my ears.
    You are brave.


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