Ladybird, ladybird, stay awhile

Tomorrow is Petite Fille’s first birthday party, though her actual birthday is Sunday. Sunday she is being baptised (yes, it has taken a little time for her Mummy and Daddy to organise things). Can you believe it is a whole year since our granddaughter was born?  It does remind me how quickly time passes, yet again.

Petite Fille is having a Ladybird birthday party with all her Mummy and Daddy’s friends and their children, as well as all the babies from her play group. Her Aunty, Daughter2 is flying home from Perth, not just for the party, but to be godmother next day. Son is to be godfather. (Her Daddy is an only child so no family to choose there). More cake, and Sunday her actual birthday is when we will give her our gifts.

Daughter1 has asked their friends not to buy Petite Fille any gifts, as she already has so much, rather to bring a plate of food for lunch, which makes things much easier. I am in charge of the cake.

In the past, I made all sorts of cakes for our children, but it has been a few years now, and as there are so many people coming to the birthday party, I didn’t feel all that confident. Luckily, I was able to find a woman who lives in The Village, who makes and decorates cake, and for just $70 (compared to $240 in Brisbane) she baked an egg free, nut free cake, and decorated it as well.

First Birthday 2014

Now I just have to get it to Brisbane in one piece!

12 thoughts on “Ladybird, ladybird, stay awhile

  1. Happy birthday to petite fille and have a good weekend in Brisbane. I have written a little something based on one of your posts regarding snakes in Australia, the American version. Lucy


    • I will try to be nice to others, but I may need to take a nap alongside Petite Fille mid party!
      I love the way one person’s post seeds another person’s post. Mr FD sighted another snake, this one not so harmless, on the garden stairs this afternoon. I wish winter would come so that they are less active.


  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely granddaughter! At least your daughter and son-in-law didn’t wait until she was six before they had her baptized, which is what happened with our first daughter….


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