It was a bad day, at the end of a long, hot, bad week. I emailed Daughter2 that I just wanted to survive the next couple of days. D2 made a remark wondering what life might be like in twenty years for me.

“I shall have alzheimer’s and sit on a chair while everyone runs around doing everything for me,” I replied. “And I am going to say f*ck it! to everything and everyone that annoys me. You will all think it is the dementia with a touch of tourettes, but I will really mean it.”

“I will know, and I may wash your mouth out with soap” D2 emailed back.

“Then I shall go on YouTube and tell the world how you treat a poor old lady…”

In my old age I shall be formidable as always!

8 thoughts on “redoutable

  1. “Then I shall go on YouTube and tell the world how you treat a poor old lady…”

    Provided you can remember how to use a computer and a video app when you get that old, as my son quipped when I made a similar remark. He has a cruel tongue, that child. I wonder where he got it from? 😉

    I keep forgetting that your school year extends through the hottest season in Australia, while ours quits just in time to avoid having to air-condition the classrooms. (They should anyway, as here in California we start getting warmer temperatures in April.) I hope the weekend provides you with some respite!


    • We shall live in a virtual world by then, I expect I will just need to touch the screen on the fridge and pour my heart out to the world!
      A lot of the school is air conditioned, they just misused the money on the library!


  2. And will you wear a purple dress with a red hat, spend all your money on brandy, and drag your cane along the wrought iron fence? I plan to. And the hat will have feathers which I will swish across your nose if you give me the opportunity.

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  3. When the time comes if you need assistance with broadening your bad-language vocabulary please feel free to contact me in the Autumn Leaves Home for the Terminally Bewildered.


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