A Day to remember, but would rather forget

There was once a little girl named Petite Fille, and she lived with her Mummy and Daddy in Australia where little babies learn to swim when they are very tiny. Petite Fille had also just spent a week on holiday at the beach swimming in the ocean and in the resort pool. Oh, she loved to swim.

Petite Fille also has a glamorous and unique Grandmother named Flamingo Dancer, but that is a story for another day.

One day, Petite Fille’s Mummy and Daddy decided it was time to take her to a church to be baptised. Her Mummy bought her a new dress, which was long and white, with lots of tulle. She looked very beautiful.

Her grandparents were there to witness the moment, and her Aunty and Uncle, to be her godparents. It was a bright sunny day and everyone was excited.

In the church was a baptismal font. It was a very, big baptismal font. In fact many called it HUGE.

font 2

And that is when the trouble started.

When Petite Fille saw the bubbling water in the font, she wanted to touch it. So her Mummy leant her over to touch the water…and then Petite Fille wanted to jump in the baptismal font and swim about like she did at swimming lessons.

She cried, and squirmed, wriggled and reached as she made every effort to dive into that font.

font 1

Eventually her Mummy rolled her onto her back and the nice Priest (just don’t stand too close to the nice Priest dear…but that is also a story for another day) poured water over her forehead. That was so much fun that Petite Fille wanted to do it again. So, she threw herself backwards in her Mummy’s arms trying to get more water on her forehead. And again.

After what seemed a long time, but was in fact only a short time, the baptism was over. Petite Fille went home for a nap, and while she napped her Grandma,Grandpa and Aunty went to a coffee shop to drink coffee to settle their nerves.


The morale to this story – baptise your children when they are very tiny, and well before they start to swimming lessons!

6 thoughts on “A Day to remember, but would rather forget

  1. Being yours she would have swum like Esther Williams.
    We Christened ours at less than a year and a couple still fussed. Kids eh


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