raindrops and linen sheets

Woke at 7am, made breakfast for Augie Dog and myself, Mr FD still slumbering, then Augie and I went back to bed. I woke with a start at 11.30am, Mr FD still beside me. We had a lunch reservation for 12, a celebration for Mr FD’s birthday which is tomorrow – we were only five minutes late! Not that it really mattered as it was not at any michelin star restaurant, but the local pub. We ordered their fish platters, which had those lovely chips (fries) that were crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside.




The pub is popular with family groups and on this rainy Sunday was busy, noisy and stuffy. A cup of coffee and we were done. We drove home, my tummy working hard to digest the heavy fare.

So, what better place to digest than back in bed? I climbed back under the sheets and slept until 5pm, when I rose and fed Augie Dog again. I couldn’t face dinner.

A Sunday to be recommended to all.

finding pen and voice


Since moving to the country I have noticed a slight change in my mind set in that I am becoming more community minded. Not just in our endeavours to shop locally when we can, but also in adding our voice to other initiatives.

This morning, I was at a nearby shopping centre where the local council had set up to canvas opinions on what the community considered important for the future. In the city, I probably would have walked by, not probably, I would certainly have walked on by. Today, I set my groceries down, took up marker pen and added my comments to the paper boards they had set up.

A young woman who was staffing the area came over and asked me more questions about what I had written. I was advocating wifi and fast reliable internet access, and I explained how it would be  of benefit for the local hospital to have access so that patients could have time online with specialists instead of having to travel to the city for some appointments. The government is committed to a national broadband system, but they are picking and choosing areas, and their plans go right to the end of our street and miss the local high school and the small regional hospital that is in the Village. Stupidity at its governmental best.

I have no expectation that anything will change, but it did make me realise that our sense of place and belonging does shape our thoughts and actions. I expect that growing older also makes me more community conscious, and I did hear myself declaring a double barrel comment, “The older generation will be able to stay in their homes longer if they have reliable and affordable internet access, and I am a teacher I know how important the internet is to education now!” I almost looked over my shoulder as this public voice was so not me – was someone actually speaking behind me and it wasn’t in fact me? Nope it was me.

I’ll be carrying a soap box next! An elegant, one of a kind, soap box, of course.

Friday, raindrops and flowers

flowers 1

Overnight downpour had me searching online for road closures and flood warnings, and all seemed okay so I went to school. Midmorning I received an alert from niece who informed me a major flood warning had been issued for our area, so I made a very hasty exit from school and drove home.

Not sure what to expect, I quickly stopped at the supermarket and stocked up on bread, milk and chicken for Augie Dog (he eats dry food and chicken breasts – and toast!).

Luckily the rain had stopped so the creek levels peaked lower than expected, not that some people in lower areas weren’t impacted, but our road stayed open.

I was only home an hour or so when Minerva, my erstwhile assistant sent through a message to tell me that flowers had been delivered to the library for me. Daughter2 had arranged for flowers to be delivered to the school NEXT Friday for my birthday (not next Friday), just to give me the thrill of receiving flowers in the workplace and they had been delivered This Friday. Minerva has put them in the fridge to help keep fresh until Monday.

D2 complained and so the florist is providing more flowers next Friday. I shall have the admin secretaries all atwitter  at having two flower deliveries in a week. Hopefully, it won’t rain and I am there to receive them- it will be the last day of term too!


And yes, I do have the most wonderful children in the world. It is only to be expected.

kitten play


cat bed

Mr FD was lying in bed with his back to me. I noticed the little roll of extra Mr FD at the back of his neck, and another roll of extra Mr FD down his back.

I gripped a little between my fingers and told Mr FD, “If you were a kitten, your Mummy would have no problems carrying you around in her mouth; except you would drag on the ground.”

“I would attach a little handle to make it easier,” he replied, in no way concerned.

country roads

car drive

Detours when driving in the city are often an irritation, but seldom take you far off  your intended path. In the country detours are of a different ilk.

Yesterday, there was a car accident that forced the closure of the highway I normally drive homeward. Police directed traffic onto a country side road and drivers were left to  their own inner compasses to make it to their journey’s end.

It was dusk, so fading light, very little signage and what there was was of no help to anyone unfamiliar with the area. It really was a case of praying that the car in front of you was heading to where you wanted to go! I think if I was prone to panic attacks I would have suffered one easily. I certainly felt anxious.

Every time a car turned off, I feared that maybe I was going the wrong way. Thirty minutes later I saw a sign for an area I thought might vaguely be nearing our Village. Luckily, it was.

So my usually forty minute drive home took more that seventy minutes.  Small wonder I woke with a headache this morning!


What a weekend it was, it was a weekend indeed.

ladies lunch

Saturday was lunch with two friends, a ladies who lunch occasion. This time around they ordered wine, but I had to order mineral water as I was driving into the city afterwards. One has had a traumatic few weeks, with her father lingering at death’s door, and her only child, a daughter, springing her wedding on her parents with only four hours notice and thinking there might not be any shock and repercussions.

Friend is seeing a counsellor to help with her current issues, but I think a few hours with FD and a sharing of some my life’s craziness, which resulted in much laughter for all, saw her was seeing things with a little more perspective. I hope so anyway.

city visit

Then it was on to the city and a sleep over play date with Petite Fille. Her parents went on a date night dinner while I babysat. Petite Fille slept through the whole evening and so had no idea that she had been abandoned to Grandma’s mercies. In the morning we sat on the floor and played and played and played. In fact she loves to play so much one of her first words was “play”.

There was one special moment that I hope I never forget, even when the dementia sets in. I was pushing Petite Fille in her swing on the back deck and her mother brought out bubble mix and blew bubbles, so that as Petite Fille swung through the air she swung through clouds of bubbles. Her pure joy in the moment was such a gift to share.

That is as good as it ever could be, and how good it was!


memo to the great unwashed

Ruth Neumann-Derujinsky

There are 613 people of discerning taste, and exquisite judgement, who follow my blog. May the Big Whatever bless each and every one of you. Thank you for befriending me, idolising me, giving me my goddess dues. I do appreciate your following, your comments and your friendship. Thank you.

And if you ever stop visiting I shall hunt you down and hit you with my stick.

You can go back to your dull and joyless little lives now.

city rush