soul nourished

It felt like evening as I left the city behind on my return to The Village, but it was mid afternoon. The heavy dark clouds threatening rain had brought the pseudo twilight. In my little motorised cocoon I felt well pleased with my lot.

Brisbane River

Brisbane river 2


This morning Daughter1, Mr Boy, Petite Fille and I ventured out in the most glorious sunshine to the markets. These markets are situated on the banks of the Brisbane River and sell a mixture of organic and artisan foods, as well as original clothing and gift items, mixed with a rotation of buskers.

We walked the entire length of the markets, mapping out where we would return, before retracing our route. We stopped half way, and sat with Petite Fille in the park while Mr Boy sourced coffee for the grow ups. Afterwards, we purchased paella and a loaf of fresh potato and blue vein cheese bread.

Markets May 2014

I lost one  of my slices of my bread to Petite Fille who decided that an extra slice was just what a fashionista needed for her lunch.

At home, while Petite Fille napped, D1 and I lounged on her oh so comfy sofas and drank tea, gossiped, checked Pinterest and snuggled under blankets as the autumn chill closed in.

So it was a very happy Granny who left the city this afternoon to drive back to her country life.

4 thoughts on “soul nourished

  1. It’s often the simple things in life that are the most rewarding. Wish we had some of your sunshine….we’ve had 14 straight days with not a glimmer.


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