Friday on my mind

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Friday night, rain falling outside, and I am in my favourite place – my bed. A quiet day for a Friday, except for being summoned to a “special announcement” by the Principal this morning where upon he announced his resignation. He is heading north for a big promotion. I know it is sometimes proven to be “better the devil you know” but honestly, not too many real tears will be shed. Of course, we pretended to be shocked and stunned, well we were to a degree for only a couple of months ago he announced to us all that he was going to stay another five years and he loved us so much. Yeah sure…


Minerva is off on a Ladies Weekend, drunkingly howling at the moon by now I estimate (she works a nine day fortnight and so today is her regular day off). She has been texting me all day with roadside updates as they ate their way across country to their destination. I expect her to woman the circulation desk under the darkness of sunglasses on Monday. No one knows how to truly party, like a long married fifty something woman!


I am so ticked off with our Prime Minister and the budget the just brought down, that while ill I emailed letters of dissent to the PM, the Treasurer and our local member of parliament, who sadly is one of his political persuasion. I know it won’t change a thing, but it made me feel better to voice my opposition. Not that I ever voted for them in the first place. No death threats so I don’t expect to be hauled off any time soon, though we are turning into such a police state anything is becoming possible. The Not So Lucky Country these days.It was a first though, as I have never written a letter of protest to a politician before. Is that one for a bucket list of some sort?


We are running a competition in our Library in which the students are asked to take a selfie (a good Australian word) whilst holding a book. They don’t have to actually read the book, just pose with it. The prize is a tablet worth almost $200. I stupidly thought that this would be one competition sure to have us inundated  with entries. Two weeks in and we have received three. Lots of emails asking for confirmation on details of the prize, or to ask what other prizes are also offered (iTunes vouchers) but no avalanche of selfies. A couple of emails asking if they can just take a photo of a book, or their pet reading a comic. One student asked if he could read a magazine in his photo. It is a worry, people. They are so apathetic. It appears the prize is not good enough (!) or taking a selfie and emailing it is too much effort for them.  Gosh, back in my day, yes my day, we would have lined up to win a block of chocolate! Another ten days to competition drawing so I guess we will hang out for last minute interest.


Sleep tight.

8 thoughts on “Friday on my mind

  1. Too bad you haven’t received more selfie entries. Maybe the prize suggests that they’d had to do more reading. How about telling them the photo will be posted somewhere prominent? How about suggesting they take the photo with a pet in their favorite spot? Maybe give them points toward a literature exam/course? Good luck!

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    • The photos are going to be displayed in the library if they agree to have their entry up. We have one entry of a cat reading! I think the worst thing that ever happened to education has been part time jobs. Kids do a three or four hour shift after school and 8 hrs on a weekend if not more, and they are too stretched for anything else – even school work!


  2. How about making it a selfie of the book not the person. A selfie of the book at the beach or the movies or on a rollercoaster or reading a book or playing AFL or whatever. Might appeal more to the creative side.


  3. Good lord, it sounds like they’re just lazy. Or maybe they think they’ll look “lame” if they have their picture taken with a book. At the school I work at, there has been a year-long contest where the student who reads 1,000 books gets a free pass to a local amusement park, while runner-ups get gift certificates from various local businesses—a free ice cream cone, a movie ticket, $5 towards a book or other merchandise. To date, there have been a good run of winners for the smaller prizes, but no one has even come close to winning the grand prize. Looking at the chart posted in the school library, I was thinking the same as you—I would have read like a fiend just to see if I could win the grand prize, though anything I won was considered a huge deal, yes, back in my day. In elementary school I won a book in an essay contest held by our library, and I was thrilled out of my socks. Now, you can’t get the students to write anything, so the library staff decided to just allow them to submit an online form with the title, author’s name, and a very brief synopsis of the story. One teacher remarked that filling out the form was in itself a hindrance to more students entering the contest, since most of them can’t even remember to write their own names on their worksheets.

    It is enough to make one fear for civilization, but I’m sure my parents thought the same thing when The Beatles came to America. Though watching The Beatles play on the Ed Sullivan Show didn’t suddenly make me illiterate.


      • Picture books, ten-page beginning readers and comic books qualify for the contest. The idea was to encourage everyone, including first graders and kindergartners, to enter. Not surprisingly, several first graders lead the pack, though none have come close to the one thousand mark.

        I consider myself an avid reader, but I’m lucky to do one book a month, if that. I have a bad habit of choosing ridiculously difficult books—I do love history and economic theory—but worse, I fall asleep while reading in the evenings and on weekend afternoons. I miss that little girl who would read books at night under the covers with a flashlight. You couldn’t stop her from reading, and she would justly chide the adult who is now her for spending a good portion of her spare time either asleep or on a computer.


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