The Queen was in the throne room

Call us spontaneous, as with my sister riding in the back seat, we went in search of my mother’s family home. Mr FD and I had tried a few months back to pinpoint the seat of my maternal home, but as I was about 8 the last time I was in that area, and that is the odd decade or two (three or four, then) since, I was not sure of the way and we missed the turn off. My older sister was about 17 the last time she was there and so was able to locate it with more ease. Our great grandparents had settled the farm as new immigrants from Germany/Poland.

We pulled up and the present owner of the former dairy farm was working in the yard and so we asked permission to take a photo, though I would have even if he had said no!


Grandparents  House   The house originally had iron lace all around the veranda which was removed and the veranda closed in during my mother’s childhood – with nine children, the two boys slept on the closed in veranda. Being a Polish/German family the farm was always pristine, with not a thing out of place in my childhood, with a very large Victorian style garden with neat rectangular beds edged in rocks removed from the fields as borders. There was also a large orchard, but all this is now gone and turned over to lawn. Still, the old home looked wonderful, and brought back so many happy memories for my sister and I.

Afterwards we drove to Spicer’s at Hidden Vale, which is about 20 minutes from our house,  for a late lunch. My sister had already lunched at the Home with Mum, so sister and I shared a ploughman’s platter and then scones with jam and cream. We sat on the veranda of the original homestead and took in the views of the valley plains below while a jazz duo played in the background. I am told it is how the other half live. Spicers   spicer at hidden vale While there was much to photograph I had to share this photo with you – the toilet roll holder in the ladies toilet. It is the Australian coat of arms. How apt for the throne room! toilet roll spicers 1   toilet roll spicers 2



To read the history of the HIDDEN VALE area go HERE

4 thoughts on “The Queen was in the throne room

  1. My childhood homestead is about 10 miles from where I live. It looks very different. Some things are better, like new siding on the house. But they cut down some of the fabulous trees! So sad!


  2. On my way home from a rural school where I had worked for the day, I happened to drive by the road where my grandmother used to live. Things have changed somewhat: there is a suburban housing development on the outer edges of what used to be her farm, and there are fast food restaurants and drugstores now along the old highway that we used to take to her home. Sadly, however, there is a huge quarry pit where her farmhouse, barn, vineyard, and kitchen garden used to be. (She used to grow strawberries and table grapes for market.) I was told the quarry company that had bought the property wasn’t even there for ten years before they concluded there wasn’t enough rock there to make it worth their while, so they abandoned it. There is a chain link fence all around it, with barbed wire on top—I suppose to discourage inquisitive types like me from going in. But it bore so little resemblance to my own memories of the place, I felt nothing, not even sadness. It’s good that your grandparents’ old house is not only still standing, but is well-kept and even cheery-looking.

    I am amazed that toilet paper holder is still on the wall there! If that was in some business here, someone would have filched it by now.


  3. Whilst my parent’s childhood homes in suburban Melbourne have long been swallowed up by ‘development’ I had one of the best days of my life revisiting my own childhood homes in rural Victoria 3 years ago. Current owners invited us in and showed us around and provided an unexpected amount of hospitality. It really was one of the most memorable (and emotional) days of my life.


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