M is for muffin and margarine

muffin spread

If I am allowed only an “average daily serving” of margarine, or butter, whatever your persuasion, and I choose to have that on my muffin… the muffin is a savoury vegetable muffin and usually I use avocado or salsa as the condiment but having run out of both, my choice is a little margarine… so I split the muffin in half; vertically, not horizontally, because vertically is easier and there was no one to be posh for, and spread my “average daily serving” onto the two halves, BUT before I can eat it, must do something else for a few minutes, then return to find that my”average daily serving” has melted, some into the muffin and most it would seem into the paper towelling it had been microwaved upon, and so I am pretty sure I am not getting my “average daily serving” but can’t be sure of how much I am in fact going to eat – am I allowed to add more margarine?

Or do I have to suck it up and eat it as is and hope to remember next time to shove the muffin into my mouth before walking away?

I suppose I could always lick the paper towelling…



“average daily serving” =1 tablespoon (20g) butter, margarine, oil.

6 thoughts on “M is for muffin and margarine

  1. Those tiny incremental measurements will drive you mad if you obsess over them so. I once embarked on this dreadful diet where I was only allowed 15 grams of fat per day. That meant taking note of every damned gram of fat per serving, and not being able to eat anything like cheese, eggs, or ice cream, because we all know how much fat is in those foods. After a month, I lost five pounds and was as thin as a reed: but I also felt sick and grumpy. One friend worried that I looked like I was undergoing chemotherapy. So I resumed my old habits, and I promptly gained 8 pounds. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked in a swimsuit, but I looked forward to eating again. As the others above said, life is too short to not enjoy your food.


  2. I love savoury muffins! And melting butter into them is pretty damn close to Nirvana. You know what else tastes good with butter though? Blueberry muffins. Kind of amazing 🙂


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