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It seems that no matter how much sleep I get, I just can’t keep up with my life. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, is all too true in my case.

Tuesday afternoon we gutted the library, moved all the furniture out, pushed the stacks into side rooms and so cleared the floor space to set up for a one day display by various industries and post high school education providers. The army and police also had a booth. Then the entire senior school, years 10-12 walked through on Wednesday.

As usual the life size cut out of the Pope was popular, and the guys manning the God Booth played very loud music ALL DAY, which led to a dance off with one group of students until the nasty Teacher Librarian put an end to it by declaring that they were creating a bottle neck and stopping students from exiting. Please Lord, let them exit…

The fair ended just after lunch and then it was time to pack up and rebuild our library. Easy peasy, NOT. Bone breaking work, and all those people who promise faithfully in the planning process to be there to help, are nowhere to be seen.

After school, I held our usual creative writers group, and they welcomed the leftover rolls and cookies from subway that had been part of the presenters’ luncheon to satisfy their after school hungries, but I was so exhausted I couldn’t put two words together and wasn’t particularly creative, but they didn’t seem to mind. We had our usual discussion on name choice for characters. Every time they come up with a name I reply, I had an aunt or an uncle with that name, and that more or less changes their mind on that one! Hey, I had 25 aunts and uncles plus their various spouses so that covers a fair chunk of the name list!

I drove the 40 minutes home to hear that Mr FD had been to the dentist, but was still in pain. This was followed by the information that he had taken one of my black label pain medications and may have gone to the dentist just a little on the high side. He had a preoccupation with lining up everything along the top of the reception desk as he waited, he shared with me. I suspect they are going to remember Mr FD for some time to come, and not just because he managed to bite the dentist’s finger (she apologised which made Mr FD giggle more). Not to self: hide the good medication from MR FD.

By 7pm I was in bed, and slept fairly solidly most of the night, except for when Mr FD tugged his CPAP face mask out from underneath me. He will leave it lying anywhere in the bed. The alarm on my bedside table blasted off at 5am to announce Thursday much too soon and the day was off and racing again.


“You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.”
― John Green, Looking for Alaska

10 thoughts on “taxi!

  1. Life seems to race by as if we are on a downhill slope these days. Sleep is a magical thing that I am always chasing as well!


  2. I seem to remember your “volunteers” bailing on you like this before. Get them to sign indentures for that hour to be broken on pain of a large pointy stick next time.


  3. I find it funny that the people who propose a big project or event and promise “lots of help” are usually the ones who never show up to set up or clean up. Today at the classroom I was working in, we had a very messy art project involving glue, tissue paper, glitter and first graders (six to seven year olds). I was left to prepare and set up the materials, then supervise the students, which became like the proverbial herding of cats. Afterwards, it became my job to wipe up all of the spilled glue and pick up the little bits of tissue paper. I didn’t even touch the glitter. The custodian needs something to do with his afternoons.


    • Poor old Minerva often gets left the mucky jobs, but she knows she is deeply appreciated. This week I asked her to do change something she had spent some time doing, but through no ones fault it just wasn’t working. Laughing, she told me “you do it!” and then declared it had only taken her two and a half years to pluck up the courage to say it – I laughingly in return hung my head in shame. A third person ended up doing it, so neither of us did in the end, but Minerva would have, but that is the relationship we have developed – we laugh and joke all day, and appreciate our individual strengths and weaknesses, and I let her do her own job. We respect each other as people.


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