in the corridors


The school middle leadership structure is undergoing reorganisation, with some roles disappearing or merging into bigger positions, along with the creation of new roles. The consultation process is being shortened due to some changing circumstances, but it all comes down to the final decision of the Head Honcho.

The tension and emotional climate of the school is growing by the day, as every tries to second guess what will happen. Of course what will happen is what Head Honcho has already decided, as it always does in restructuring processes.

In the meantime, lots of Chinese Whispers, and people trying to fit snippets of information and overhead conversations together. I have witnessed more than one person declaring what they will and won’t do in the last few days. What we will or won’t do boils down to how much you want your job, and whether you want to work here. Really, these types of things are always a take it or leave it situation.

If the employee is well liked by the Hierarchy, they will be looked after, if not, thrown to the wolves. I have no expectations in the process because my role kind of sits to the side, but they did separate elements of the role prior to my employment due to the inadequacies of the previous incumbent, so I have been rather open in that I think the role should be “combined” again, but I don’t really think that will happen.

Lots of people have become used to extra money and have said that they want to keep on that level if they are not successful is the reorganisation. I don’t understand how they expect that is going to happen, but then again, I cynically anticipate that it is where you are on the Like O’Meter as to what you will or won’t receive.

My mantra is that I have done as much as I can, and so I am not going to sacrifice sleep or thoughts on things I can’t control. It is like a theatre sport though, watching the huddled conversations, the whisperings that stop when other people walk near. Strangely, the ones who are most indignant about all that is transpiring are the ones who probably should be ousted.

Interesting days to come…

15 thoughts on “in the corridors

  1. That is such a tense time!!! I think your pragmatic approach works well. For me I used to worry incessantly about my job, then…I decided I didn’t care if I lost it, and suddenly…I was free….


      • wish my coworkers could figure this out but they won’t. 20 years of consulting did wonders for my confidence at finding a new job when the need arises – and made me awesome at being a new employee (I ask questions and TAKE NOTES and don’t overstep my bounds in a effort to prove myself


  2. Ah yes….I worked in human resources and during reorgs, I spent a lot of time dispelling rumors. Sometimes they were so outlandish that I couldn’t understand how anyone could believe it. But then again, it happens everywhere. Just yesterday I heard that under the new healthcare here, people who are 70 or older will not be able to get operations. Really? The sad part is that people get all wound up in this stuff. You are wise to ride it through as there is not much you can do.


    • I was made redundant a few years back and then I went form being a librarian to being a full time education student and then a teacher – at 50! I learnt we have little control over what happens in these circumstances, but we are ultimately can control what happens after. I have never been happier than I am now. It is all so exhausting though, trying to calm irrational people.All my life I have always been the rational voice and I am tired of it all.


  3. Interesting how we react when threatened with change, isn’t it? But in the end, what will be will be, and fretting will not change a thing, as you said.


  4. At our school we have a teachers’ union, so we cannot be laid off based on merit or likability, but on seniority. Knowing this however has not diminished the rumors flying about regarding layoffs over the summer. It’s thought by some that the basic teachers’ aides will be laid off, since the district and the union have agreed to just give the teachers more money instead of an aide. I just can’t get excited about this—if it happens, it happens, and I’ll just return to receiving unemployment. I suppose I sound like a shiftless layabout on the dole, but honestly, so many institutions and companies these days lay off people as if they were old office machinery to be sent off to the junkyard. And as you said, it is absolutely out of one’s control, so there is no point in worrying about it. It is terribly hard to work when you have to deal with people whispering conspiratorially in corners and in the staff lounge, however. I hate it when I walk in to eat my lunch, and suddenly the conversation stops and everyone looks uneasily at me. Do they think I’m a spy for management? Do they know I write a blog and will tell all later? >:)


    • NO one will be laid off, they just go back to being a classroom teacher if unsuccessful in gaining a position in middle management. The whole process is so exhausting for everyone. I guess having been made redundant at the Basement of Discontent I learned that we have little control in these circumstances


  5. Hope everything works out well for you FD. I have a friend (now retired) who spent his entire working life in a Government Department in Victoria. Almost every year there was a ‘re-organisation’ which left him nervously waiting to see if he retained his position. It was a disgraceful way to treat employees.

    Oh, and the photograph heading your Country Nights post is superb.


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